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About me

Hi, my name is Volkhard (Hardy only CW) Grönke, the QTH is Spremberg,
a small town 120km south of Berlin in the east part of Germany,
district Brandenburg, county Lausitz.
The location is 25km from Poland.
I was born in Spremberg near Cottbus.That why I am a member of the club in Spremberg
(and my DOK-number is Y30, for DLD-collectors).
My first license with the call DM4PF in Spremberg was in summer 1969.
In Cottbus I learned Telecommunications mechanics .
I am married and I have 3 fine sons: Sven, Matthias (sk
DO8UMG) and Ingo and 3 grandchildren .Since 1992, I have the Call DL8UVG. Previously, I was under following Call`s QRV: DM4PF, DM2CXF, Y56ZF, Y23XF.
In the last years I worked together with about 266
dxcc countries, from which 253 countries are confirmed by QSL cards.(12.10.2019)
I am qrv mostly from 160m to 10m.I am also QRV on VHF of and UHF (6m to 70cm). I hope we will hear us on the bands soon!
That's all, folks.
You can send also mails to DL8UVG directly.

Mein Kater Whisky My hangover whiskey
In memory of our cat Minka (+2011)
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